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San Miguel AZ 2018

I am Edna San Miguel, and I am running for U.S. Congress, District 3. Some have asked "Can a former American child farm worker become your voice in Washington?" The uphill challenges of becoming your next Congresswoman are minute compared to my life-long struggles as a child, and maintaining my family's physical and emotional needs as an adult. I spent my childhood as a child migrant field worker. This does not mean my parents were illegal aliens, nor does it mean my parents were under a Visa working program. My family as United States citizens alongside with other United States citizen families, worked in the fields. I remember sleeping in wooden crates in tents. I do not begrudge the experience. My family worked together, my mother sold tamales to support my father's endeavors to gain an education. He became a teacher and Administrator. Maybe, that is why I also chose to become an educator. I am also a Nationally Published Author and a Museum of Guggenheim trained Conservationist.

My life has not been easy, taking back and seeing a restoration of our Nation will be an enormous challenge. Perseverance and relentless hard work are needed to reclaim our Sovereign Nation! I am willing to work hard to protect our Great State of Arizona, our Heroic Veterans, our International Borders, our greatest National Treasures, our American children, and our God given Freedoms and Liberties as citizens of the United States of America. I am a Constitutional Republican, a supporter of our 2nd Amendment Rights, 100% Pro- Life, and our Military must be restored at the highest pinnacle necessary and all illegal foreign invaders kindly given their rights of Due Process and Deportation back to their original Homeland. I am Edna San Miguel, and I ask for your vote and support, above all, Pray to restore our Homeland.

My involvement

 Since my first Congressional Run in 2015 against Democrat Congressman Raul Grijalva and still this 2017 and 2018 election year, I have met many inspiring American Patriots all along my Congressional Campaign Trail. One such Organization is that of  Arizona Border Recon.  Their mission is to provide intelligence to the public in matters relating to the trafficking activities originating from the international border in Arizona. Their cadre are well versed in the laws applicable to their operations. They maintain their respect for the rule of law, and as mentioned previously, they are not there to replace enforcers. They have, and will continue to operate within the bounds of the law, and expect all personnel participating with them to do the same. There are no exceptions to their standards.They value human life, and to that extent they will do what they can to help anyone they encounter. Any individuals we come across are treated humanely: food, water, and medical aid are given. Bravo Base Camp Conklin is a Homeless Camp site, in Tucson Arizona, servicing many of our homeless Tucson Veterans with food, tent living and provisions to maintain dignity as they so well deserve, while seeking further care. I volunteered as a cook, night guard and helped maintain in others areas to maintain our veterans sustainable needs. I also support Dr. Carl Hendricks with North Star Hyperbaric for Veterans PTSD care in Tucson Arizona. I am also a member of the Casa Adobe American Legion Auxiliary Post Unit 73. Thank you for your Support and much appreciated Encouragement.


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